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Wooden Toys

Hape Egg Carton

It’s breakfast time! How do you want your eggs? This egg carton contains six eggs: three hard-boiled eggs and three fried eggs. Shells come off for more realistic play.

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Hape Cooking Essentials

It’s time for dinner! Help to get things ready by trimming, peeling and chopping the vegetables and grating the cheese on your own cutting board. The separable ingredients and different...

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Hape Tasty Proteins

Protein is important for building muscles. Practice preparing foods like beef, chicken, fish and bacon with this realistic kitchen playset. Includes play knife and lemon wedge.

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Hape Mighty Echo Microphone

Item Number: E0337Age: 12+ Months Do you dream of being a famous singer? With the high-quality, battery-free Mighty Echo Microphone, everyone can sing like a pop-star!  Shop

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Hape Passenger train set

Item Number: E3729Age: 3+ Years Red means stop, green means go! Teach kids about safety signals with this figure of 8 safety set. It comes with a train, a conductor, a...

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Hape Garden Salad

Age: 3+ Years Mix, toss, and serve a colorful garden salad. Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity. Social Skills: The basics of...


Hape Master Workbench

Age: 3+ Years Little builders with big ideas can work right at this professional-looking station. Shelves and storage keep all their tools and supplies within easy reach. Name the tools that your...

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Hape Solar Powered Circuit

Step into the future with this solar-powered rail set. The engine has its own solar panel that generates enough electricity to power its lights. Push it through the spirals to...